Why "Church in the Yunk"?

     In 1851 a church was organized to serve a community of mill workers. Now the mills that once lined the banks of the Schuylkill have become high-end boutiques, stores, and eateries.
    Over the years the congregation of the church has changed, just like the population of Manayunk. As the population of the community has grown younger, so has our church congregation. While we continue to enjoy and care for the older members we have become a church where the people who now fill our community enjoy being and worshiping. With this in mind today our facilities and programs focus on meeting the needs of young singles and young families.
    We invite you to join us in creating a church for Manayunk in the 21st century, a "Church in the Yunk", a church you will love.
    You are welcome here. The coffee pot is always on.

(formerly called The First Baptist Church of Manayunk)

"Church in the Yunk"
your community church
since 1851